The International Peace Star

Many nights when I return home after work, I stop to look into a sky full of stars. My wife and kids are asleep and I just stand there in my driveway looking up. I usually have the same thoughts. We all share this magnificent sight, regardless of the differences that separate us. We are all connected and part of something much bigger. We share a responsibility to the future that we often fail to fully appreciate.

But, how can we get everyone to look up into the sky and think a little more about the importance of a peaceful future?      

The International Peace Star Project.

The two main components:

  1. The International Peace Star
    Develop and launch the International Peace Star, a glimmering beacon that transcends race, nationality, and culture, encouraging us to think about the awesome beauty that surrounds us everyday, and the importance of peace to our future. Learn More >
  2. The International Peace Superfund
    An Internationally Supported Peace Superfund will provide resources to help people lift themselves from the hopelessness of profound poverty through self-sufficiency, education, and free market principles that emphasize sustainable eco-friendly development. Learn More >

The Future of the International Peace Star Project

The new millennium presents us with numerous, complex challenges. Effectively addressing these issues will require renewed inspiration and an unwavering unified focus. A bright new star points the way, nudging us all to look deeper within ourselves. Here, we re-discover the miracle surrounding us. Peering through this lens we find the will to change. We find no dream is beyond our reach. Help us to achieve this dream.

We're looking for resources, support and expert assistance. We already have a great group of contributors, and we invite you to work with us to make our vision a reality.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Jon Maxey