Look Up . . . We all share the night sky.

Looking into the night sky, we witness an incredible beauty of a dimension that stretches beyond human comprehension. The piercing light is our beginning, gently beckoning us to contemplate the profound nature of our existence. The stars reveal an ancient truth that transcends our differences, exposing us to the harsh reality that the future is our responsibility. Our survival resides in our ability to recognize this truth, accept our responsibility and act in a way that is worthy of the magnificence that surrounds us.

As we move into the 21st Century, we all need to step outside our daily routines more often and look at the countless miracles around us. Looking at life through this lens, we realize that finding solutions to poverty, war, hate and injustice demand a greater urgency.

We see, in the night sky, a beauty that tells us every life is important and can make a valuble contribution.

The International Peace Star Project is an attempt to inspire all people to contemplate this beauty and to view our daily and long-term challenges from this perspective. The following pages outline a bold plan for achieving this goal. Our dream and hope is that this plan captures your imagination and inspires you to join with us to make this dream a reality.